The cement bonded particle board (CBPB), both conventional and milled for brick, must be fastened to a frame made of wooden roof sheathing and/or metal profile with self-drilling screws with diameters from 3mm to 6mm with a countersunk head. The recommended pitch of roof sheathing is 400 mm. The recommended width of the rack used for roof sheathing is at least 80mm. For the purposes of fastening, one can use usual screws with a countersunk head. In this case, holes are preliminarily drilled in the chipboard with a diameter equal to 1.2 of the screw diameter. The screw length must be at least 4 times the thickness of the chipboard.

     Screw boards are placed across the board perimeter for 20 mm from the board edge at a distance of 200mm from each other. Additional fastening is performed around the roof sheathing located inside the board perimeter where the screws are located at a distance of 400 mm from each other.

    Boards must be fastened to roof sheathing at a distance of 4.3 mm from each other. Gaps between the boards must be filled with a sealant based on acrylic resins or closed with the “Omega”-shaped aluminum profile. In the latter case, the profile is simultaneously replacing the attachment of boards with screws around the perimeter. It is allowed to stop joints with filler strip or board jointing with the use of the “H”-shaped profile.

  Unpainted boards used for the finishing of exterior facades must be covered with a water repellent primer based on acrylate on all sides.