CBPB PLATE FOR BRICK & STONE: Installation on walls


FACADE postpaid CBPB PLATE (milled under a brick and stone): the appearance of the facade

Decorative brickwork always differed a solid appearance.However, modern construction materials avoid the laborious process of its creation. Simply install the panel CBPB milled under a brick and stone. They have a beautiful appearance, and their installation is quick and easy.

CBPB – front textured slab under a brick (cement-bonded plate)

Exterior of the house is very important. Proper trim it allows not only to decorate the facade, but also significantly warm the building. An excellent option is to use the facade of textured slabs CBPB under the brick and stone.
The main advantages of such a facing material include:

  • presentable appearance;
  • resistance to moisture and parasites;
  • fire safety;
  • a sufficiently high density;
  • excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation characteristics.
* All of these features make the use of cement-bonded boards CBPB topical both at domestic and at the outer skin of buildings.

Samples of our products in major DIY stores in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region:

CBPB panels for brick and stone: the price is lower, and the higher quality!
If we compare the material with decorative tiles, it has lots of advantages. The first obvious advantage of CBPB board milled under brick and stone is its accessibility. In addition, this material is easy to install, has better sound and thermal insulation qualities.
Due to the convenience of work, installation of CBPBs has a price affordable to almost everyone. This material can last if properly cared for more than 50 years. This long life is connected with the stability of cement-bonded plates to the processes of decay, and they are absolutely environmentally friendly.

1 sheet textured front plate under a brick CBPB + + primer + kraska1 (kraska2) x2 3200h1200h10 mm. asking price