LLC “CSP-Svir” is the largest plant producing the cement bonded particle board (CBPB) with a thickness of 8 mm. to 24 mm. and a size of 1200 mm. х 3200 mm. on the Northwest of the Russian Federation.

CSP-Svir – production and sale of the cement bonded particle board (CBPB): direct supplies

The cement particle board (CBPB)  is a composite sheet material obtained by compressing a mixture consisting of cement, chips, chemical additives, and water. The mineralization process allows wood chips as part of the board to resist moisture, rot, rodents, fungi, fire, insects, chemicals, and weather conditions. Products manufactured by CSP-Svir have all necessary certificates and issued in full compliance with the requirements of GOST.
The boards in question have a number of advantages as compared with traditional wooden boards and board materials used in construction.
  They are usually compared with OSB (orient stranded board), chipboard (CB), fiberboard (FB), including fiberboard of special density, plywood, Gyproc, etc.
What to choose? We provide our customers with comprehensive information.

The cement bonded particle board (CBPB) in buildings and structures:

 The cement bonded particle board (CBPB)  is widely used in construction all over the world: It is also used as a building envelope (walls, ceilings, floors and roof elements of the roofing pie, partitions), engineering structures (ventilation and cable ducts), garden edifices, fences and temporary fencing, stay-in-place formwork, etc. They are also used in industrial and individual construction, indoors and outdoors, in different climatic conditions. More Info…
We offer our customers detailed information on the specific nature of working with the materials that we produce. We provide full-fledged and detailed recommendations on transportation, storage, and treatment. We remind you that the recommendations of the production plant shown above are for information only. The final solution for each application of the cement bonded particle board in building structures must be based on qualified engineering calculations in accordance with the Building Regulations.
Façade cement bonded particle boards (CBPB) milled for brick and stone:

Façade cement bonded particle board (CBPB) milled for brick and stone – used for the exterior finish of façades. The benefits of the given material include excellent performance characteristics and affordable price for construction materials. The façade texture board CBPB is easy to install and conceal irregularities of walls. They can be combined with one another in size, color, and can be used with other finishing materials. With their help, one can create an unsurpassed architectural shape in the short term, an interesting solution for real estate units. Façade boards protect the lens from harmful atmospheric influences and mechanical effects and do not release any hazardous gas mixtures into the environment.
Production of edged and unedged boards:

In recent years, naturally occurring finishing materials came back into fashion, which include among other things dry planed board. According to experts, dry planed board is ideal for the interior decoration of residential and commercial facilities, is used when implementing unique projects of country houses and luxury apartments. Modern dry planed board has a light fragrance, warm color, and is resistant to cracking and rot. This material is perfect for interior decoration.
Edged boards  are produced with the use of the special equipment. Desired moisture of lumber, up to furniture (6-8%) is achieved in special steam drying chambers. Dry board is treated based on the desired format on the 6-spindle equipment manufactured by Beaver.


Supplies of the cement bonded particle board (CBPB) in the regions:

Producers of building materials pay great attention to product quality, packaging, and timely deliveries.
At the time being, we are supplying CBPB across Russia, from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. Significant volumes of our products are delivered in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region. We believe that the construction materials of Saint Petersburg should correspond to the level of such a large city. High quality production – this is our contribution to the social development of the Northern capital.
LLC “CSP-SVIR” forms the distribution network intended for the promotion and sale of its products: cement bonded particle board (CBPB) and CBPB-based products.

“European quality of construction materials and affordable prices.”

Advantages for our partners:

  • High quality of our products. Our company has been in the market since 2000. In 2008, in collaboration with the German company BINOS, full upgrading was carried out with an increase in plant capacity up to 30,000 cubic meters per year. Products manufactured by us correspond to the CBPB standard according to GOST 26816-86.
  •  A unique range of products. The company produces a board with a thickness of 8mm to 24mm, with a size of 1200mm by 3200mm.
  • Competitive prices and discounts. Our prices can successfully compete in the market of construction boards, and discounts make it possible for our partners to earn good money.
  • Convenient logistics. The location of our company allows us to ship products by road, rail, and river in all regions of Russia and CIS countries.
  • It is convenient to carry out container shipments from the sea port of Saint Petersburg.
  •  Prospects for the market growth. The high quality of our products can successfully occupy traditional segments and develop new ones in the construction market.
  • Panel and frame housing
  • Façade system, including ventilated ones
  •  Floor systems and installation of cable channels
  • VST system (stay-in-place formwork)
  •  Foundation for built-up bituminous roofing
  •  Bioresistant structures for agricultural buildings
  • Waterproof sanitary engineering and ventilation ducts
  • Fire-resistant mansarded structures and protection for escape routes 
  • Noise protection screens, fences, window boards, etc.
  • Import substitution. Products manufactured by us are a worthy replacement for imported equivalents: OSB, as well as fiber mat and ceresite.


  • Dealer discounts;
  • Priority when shipping products;
  • Advertising support, training and consulting.


  • Discount system;
  • Compensation of up to 3% of the amount of sold and paid products;
  • Advertising support and counseling;
  • Prospects for business growth.

We are waiting for your applications. You can forward them by e-mail: sales@csp-svir.ru
or by phone: +7 (812) 600-31-06 as well as by phone in Moscow: +7(495) 661-20-41.

We offer you mutually beneficial cooperation, an increase in your income and solution for the employment issue in the context of the global economic crisis!